Sunday, March 27, 2011


i'm exhausted and it's a little past my bedtime, but i had to share an encounter i had this afternoon when picking up a few things from General Dollar.

i young woman about 22 checked me out, and gave me the standard "how are you?"

"Fine" i said. "How are you?"

"Fine", she replied. moment of silence.

"Actually", i said. "i'm exhausted."

she replied with a harrumph, which i'm sure was meant to come across as sympathy. more silence.

"well i've been having a real streak of bad luck" she added.

"really? what happened?" i asked.

"well. i totaled two cars in the past three weeks and my grandma had to be moved from dubois general to a hospital in ohio."

me: "wow. well it can only go up from here, right?" i encouraged. "two cars, huh?"

her: "yeah. deer. a man honked his horn to get deer out of the upper road, but they ended up coming down onto my road and i hit it. it went right up in the air and landed on a car behind me."

Me: "oh, that's awful."

her: "and the second time, the deer didn't die right away, and the people who lived by the road came out to put it out of its misery because it was still alive but mangled."

me: "oh, well thank gd."

her: "well. the problem was, they only had a crowbar."

me: "oh no. wow. well. well, how's your grandma?"

her: "she's doing a lot better."

me: "well there's a ray of sunshine."

her: "you know." she said. "that's my name."

me: "sunshine is your name?"

her: "yeah."

me: "that's awesome. well, except right now, it's just ironic."

her: "ha. yeah. i'm sure it's the reason for all my bad luck."

me: "nonsense."

her: "well. you have a good night."

me: "you too."

we both left the encounter smiling.

the end.

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