Monday, October 12, 2009

yetzer hara

i just spent the past hour talking with a friend. are talk was mostly spiritual, except when we were talking about how people have disappointed or angered us in the past. i was so judgemental, not taking my own point of view that everyone is carrying around some type of burden. judging is bad. what a simple thing to know. why do i make it so complicated to not do? yetzer hara. it all comes down to it.

so the middah of the week was week ends tomorrow night when i have my mussar class. my obstacle with the practice of this middah is the imaginary conversations i have in my head with individuals whom i have communicating with outside of my head. therefore, i am remaining bogged down in this often made up, sometimes past conversation instead of interacting with the other, and bearing their burden. this past week i let go of some of the internal dialogue, and behold, my encounters with everyone were amazing. now to be vigilant.

my quote of the day...well, i don't have one. i didn't do any studying today...i am about to say the bedtime shma. well, how about this: i forgive everyone who angered me today.

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